Long Sault, Ontario, August 24, 2019

We are hoping that you find yourselves at the Canadian Bloodhound Club National Specialty this year!

The S,D&G shows offer four days of shows with six sets of points. Our Nationals will be held on Saturday, starting with sweepstakes under Christopher Shields from Ontario, followed by our Nationals under judge Pauline E. Hewitt from Australia.

The C.B.C. Regional will be held on Sunday with judge Margaret S. Jones from British Columbia. 

So after a LONG winter of sleeping on the couch, we would like to have you join us at the "Cottage" near the obedience rings. There will be a wine and cheese with finger foods on Friday night and BBQ and beer on Saturday night.

We also have a campsite near ringside where x-pens can be set up for the duration of the show.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

The premium list will be up on Canuck Dogs and the entry line telephone # 1.800.293.2935 or theentryline.com. Motels are listed in the premium list.


Trophy List

CBC Nationals Trophy Donations

BOB - $100     RWB - $25
BOS - $75 VD - $30
BP - $50 VB - $30
BOW - $50 Brace - $25
WD - $30 AOM (2) - $25
WB - $30 Select - $25
RWD - $25  


Sweeps - Nationals

Best Puppy - $25 Opp. to BP - $25
Best Junior - $25 RWD - $10
RWB - $10 Opp to BJ - $25
Best VD - $25 Best VB - $25



BOB - $35 BOS - $35
BP - $25 BOW - $25
WD - $15 WB - $15
RWD - $10 RWB - $10
BVD - $25 BVB - $$25


Payment Options

Paypal or mail chequered to:

Veronica Mercer

RR4 Merlin, Ontario, Canada

N0P 1W0


Financial assistance is necessary to insure the success of our show. We would appreciate your generosity - cheques, cash or paypal - we welcome all. Annual membership is due at the time of the show - so bring an extra $30 folks, and sign up for another year. Your membership is what pays for the wine, cheese, and beer that you will be enjoying!


Show Committee:

Debbie Blowatt : chevykid57@shaw.ca

Veronica Mercer : nshore@ciaccess.com

Tammy Arseneau : barnhound@hotmail.com

Heather Whitcomb : heathershounds2@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact any one of us for information or assistance. We are hoping to for a great turnout and are looking forward to seeing everyone!