Canadian Bloodhound Club Rescue

We are a small group of volunteers whose mission is dedicated to rescuing unwanted, neglected and lost Bloodhounds. It is our goal to provide each dog with a second chance at a good life through, rehabilitation, and health care and to adopt each dog as a companion into a loving home. There are many reasons why a bloodhound ends up in a breed rescue situation. Sometimes the owner just decides he doesn’t want a dog anymore, sometimes the owner’s situation changes making it necessary to turn the dog into rescue. Many bloodhounds turn up in shelters as strays because of inadequate fencing. Occasionally, bloodhounds come into our program due to the closure of a puppy mill. All rescues undergo a medical examination upon entry into the rescue program. All dogs are spayed/neutered, receive all vaccinations and are tested for heartworm before they are available for placement. Additionally, our organization attempts to evaluate the temperament of each rescue prior to adoption. It is our goal with these evaluations to determine whether the hound can co-exist well with adults, children, and other household pets. Life circumstances change and sometimes this means we must part with a beloved hound. If you find yourself in such a situation, please consider contacting our Rescue Coordinator so we can assist you in placing your dog in a “forever” home. If you’ve decided a Bloodhound is the right breed for you, consider adopting a rescue. Please feel free to contact our Rescue Coordinator for information on how to adopt a rescue Bloodhound.If you might be interested in adopting a bloodhound, we have our adoption application online. Please click here to download the form now.
There are currently no bloodhounds in rescue.


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